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6. 2. 2008



Bamboo Moxeño - wind instruments originating from the Andean Altiplano

Moseños are musical instruments originating from the Aymara zone of Bolivia. They are originally played as harmonic flutes, but they were adapted as low flutes many years ago.
This is one of the deepest moseño and complex wind instruments I have made.
see photo
Moseño tuned in G2 - 1.7m long can play a chromatic scale more than 2 octaves, demountable at the center ( to adjust the pitch).
Go to audio clip (mp3)

See photo

It also has a movable part at the mouthpiece called "corredera" that regulates the timbre, intensity of sound and pitch as well by moving it a few mm up and down the instrument. See details below.
When the corredera is closed, the sound is more prominent, stringed, fully harmonical. When it is open, the sound is rounder, soft, clear.
Moseño corredera - open Moseño corredera - closed

Another view Side view

Moseño connection detail

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