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11. 2. 2008





The instrument often popular called laba (trumpet), firstly appeared in the Wei and Jin period (200-420). Yet it has found great favor ever since the Zhengde period (1506-1520) of the Ming dynasty. Owing to its large volume and strident, penetrating tine quality, the suona is most appropriate for the ardent and lively style, especially for the imitation of the singing of hundreds of birds. Experienced Players can control their breath with double lips to produce the characteristic soft tone (called the tone of xiao) for plaintive or sentimental effect. A smaller high-pitched variety known as haidi (sea flute) is a fourth higher in range than the common type. In the modern Chinese orchestra the suona has its revised alto and bass varies with added keys.

The instrument is commonly used in the accompaniment to local theaters or singing and dancing, and also for solos or ensembles on such occasions as weddings, funerals or other ceremonies and celebrations.

Range: a1-b3 (D key suona)



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